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Founded by the Sarkar Brothers
The Management of “SANGAM” welcomes you to our latest venture at Prague. Our legendary Chef Sarkar had come to Prague a decade back with his culinary expertise and years of fine catering background. Chef Sarkar gained a vast range of skills in the art of authentic Indian Cuisine and this has been a true spirit of his ability to open a third Indian Cuisine Venture in Prague.
Our esteemed customers are aware of our well established Restaurants in Prague by the name of “Indian By Nature 1 & 2” established by “Sarkar Brothers”. It has proven to be a top destination for Indian Cuisine lovers and has been patronized by International & Domestic tourists other than the elite guests of Prague. We popularized the lunch time buffet system which became very popular with corporate and regular diners from all of Europe.
After several years of experience at “Indian By Nature” the Sarkar Brothers decided to open their new restaurant “SANGAM” on 16th November 2018. SANGAM is the Sanskrit word, for “Confluence” of three rivers at a sacred place. Here the sacred place is the elegant vicinity of Karlin. A wonderful décor with one of its kind modern ambience consisting of two floors and a Live Tandoor and open Kebab Kitchen.

SANGAM showcases the modern and authentic Indian Cuisine. This sophisticated new hotspot is also well known for its innovative cocktails and international wine list designed to pair well with small plates in the restaurants spacious lounge. Adding glory to the contemporary striking Indian wooden art and décor to the premises is the eye catching ceiling created to resemble a banyan tree which plays an important role in Indian Culture.
Our Exotic Indian Cuisine at “SANGAM” is Eco Friendly, fresh and healthy as our ingredients, the spices are selected from the finest available in the market. Untiring efforts have been made for our new venture to collect some of the most unique and rare delicacies served at the feast of nobles of India. A great new concept has been created for the connoisseurs of the authentic Indian Cuisine.
SANGAM is managed by highly professional and skilled personnel having vast experience in hospitality and Indian Cooking. The dishes are traditionally made with Indian spices, fish, seafood, meats, lentils and vegetables. Our famous Kebabs (grilled in an oven called Tandoor), Indian breads such as Naan and Roti and authentic rich flavoured curries bursting with flavour and originality, in which the guests can experience a multi – sensory dining experience.
Restaurant address:
Sokolovská 161/71, Karlín
186 00, Praha 8
3 min from the metro station Křižíkova

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